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UDI Compliant GS1 Data Matrix Printing now available on 5000P Plus Sealer with Allen Bradley CompactLogix® Controls

Manufacturers of Flexible Pouch Packaging & Heat Sealing Equipment serving the following industries:

Medical Packaging & Sealing • Pharmaceutical Packaging & Pouch Sealing • Snack Foods • Agricultural Seeds • Spices • Bakery Products • Pet Foods & Products •Home & Garden Supplies • Dry Ingredient Packaging & Sealing •

Innovative Packaging Technology that makes Pouch Handling & Validatable Heat Sealing easy

With more than 30 years of engineering experience, Urania Engineering has emerged as a leading manufacturer of pre-formed pouch handling and validatable heat sealing equipment. Urania's PouchPro ® and ShuttlePro ® systems are designed to make all facets of pouch handling and heat sealing simple, yet efficient. A wide variety of pouch materials and configurations can be facilitated on our systems. Innovative technology and our modular approach to pouch sealing makes Urania the first choice for all of today's evolving industries.

Our new 5000P Heat Sealer is now available with UDI compatible GS1 data matrix printing and Allen Bradley CompactLogix® control structure.

With the introduction of The Packaging Answer, Urania has set new industry standards in both packaging efficiency and flexibility. "The Answer" can process any type of pre-formed pouch, and excels in the handling of stand-up zipper closure varieties. A complete changeover from one pouch and product combination to another can be accomplished in as little as five minutes and a host of peripheral equipment is supported. Urania's Packaging Answer is the answer to today's packaging needs.


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Flexible Pouch Packaging


  • Stand-Up Zipper Pouch
  • Stand-Up Plain Pouch
  • Pillow Pouch
  • Three-Side Seal Pouch
  • Retort Pouch
  • Vacuum Packaging Pouch
  • Gusseted Pouch
  • Header Pouch
  • Central & Back-Seal Pouches

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